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The Ultimate Gemini

Finally here, finally here, I have my Westbrook's face, Finally here. All-time high, My cocky pride. A star but in disguise as the moon.
They say men don't cry, But will I be forgiven for shedding tears in my 5 seconds comfort zone? Just as the clouds pass and fade away, So does emotions, So it's best emotions don't dictate us.
No pun intended, I've had dreams of being celebrated, Say a wish for my celebration, Say a prayer for the manifestation of my revelation. When love doesn't make you better, it makes you bitter, So it's safe when one uses emotions as drive to their destination.
Nothing can stop me except if God ordains, I've heard a lot of talking but it's mundane, To the spectators, spectating what could be of me, literally. Typical humans!
And I wouldn’t expect you to stick to the butt hole, That's some disgusting shit when you can have a couple inches, And if that isn’t enough for ya, I got well over 7 inches for ya, Now that’s a mouth full. keep your mouth cont…
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Gran Torino (The Raconteur)

Gran Torino
I wrote a letter to the sky, in the middle of the night, Sailing from euphoria to your heart. A beautiful destination, Never seen a place like this. Stranger now, But someday I'll make this heart mine. I could make this heart my safe haven.
Do you own this heart? I mean can you let me make a claim of your heart? I'm a mess currently, Scared to see something beautiful when I'm a mess, Cause I feel it's the right thing at the wrong time, So I consume my darkness and let your heart be my city of light.
The spring boulevard, Springs me down a city of light. Like a knight, I’m your shinning amour, Shinning ever-brighter, Tranquil to serenade thy mind, A visionary to the ordinary.
I'll travel to the moon and set you apart from the stars, Let me gaze at you in the beauty of the night, Travel through your galaxy and milk on your Milky Way. A shooting star at night but a treasure by day, Nothing physical compares to you so you know there's no letting you go.
My message conveyed with…


It's 1AM, As I think back 5 hours ago, Watching grown folks indulge in the idea of marriage. Such a beautiful thing when its true essence is given, However the case, The reverse isn't the same.
I felt like a bird on a mountain top, Looking down with a vision of that of an eagle trying to see what I can get from it. I listened as they rambled about adult jokes.
A soothsayer wasn't needed as the drift in class could be told. The song on the radio is sung along by a wife, With lyrics that seem to shred fragments of the heart. A beautiful voice but with emotion and pain littered around it. The rest said their good nights to their spouse over the phone.
Standing over on my balcony as the clock is 17 minutes away from hitting 1AM, Lonely as hell, But somehow I find confidence and comfort when I seldom let my thoughts run loose, Days when they are controlled, I seem to run low on the double C. My heart seems like an uncaged beast, But my soul is angelic. I hate when this shit happens.
Pieces of memo…

Breakin Harts (The Raconteur)

Tell me this, How can I sum me up when you bring negativity in? How can I be the man when you seem to break the qualities that make me one? Guess you got your reasons for being attached. When self becomes the goal, It's enough evidence to be blinded by your own selfish thoughts.
You'd rather have people around build you up and not do shit for yourself, You'd rather use people for the betterment of your self-esteem and love things. Hate is a circumference of love. Baby, life don't workout that way, It's a vicious circle in its gym; And you sure do know God don't like ugly.
I've heard karma is a female dog that catches up with everyone, But I'll not be seconded to play the fool for the first time in this movie, I've seen too much to know how this would end. Over time I've learnt not to trust people like you, I let my potnas repeatedly lecture me on my mistakes, At some point, every child grows, I guess I'm not so different after all.
It's 2017, 24 years writ…

Heaven's Angel

Countless dreams of heaven, I’ve had but never get to see the big picture in motion. She oozes of heritage that gives life, One that gives life to the dying and eternity to the living.
She is of Selah, worthy to behold, You’re not of human that crown queen, But, Of goddess that make gods.
I wonder what she thinks of me? I’m having not to jump the gun and move faster than my shadow. I doubt she even knows this? I doubt she even knows what she’s worth? Does she have the problem of the coloured girl? How do you define a black woman’s worthiness to herself? Perhaps I’m the missing piece for her realisation. I often say this but this time I feel it different.
I hope she knows I want someone to talk to and listens, As it goes vice-versa, making for deep-level interactions. What is biology without chemistry? I crave telepathy interactions, I’m ready to risk it all again to have this. What is a bond without elasticity? And if I yet again lose myself, I’d live with the fulfilment of my pursuit of happiness.
Your phys…

Keep The Family Close.

Sometimes it takes death to occur before we realise we should keep the family close, As a matter of fact, keep the family much closer. Death is only a reminder it would be us someday, hence our work here is limited. Breathe taking away in what seems like a moment, Not of silence but of agony.
When one of your aunts that genuinely loved you as a son dies, Though I was distant, still was a relation that assumed his role. How do you console your cousins to the thought they'll never see their mum? How do you tell your dad to pull himself together over the loss of his sister? I guess you'd probably live with the guilt of holding a childish grudge against her, But knowing you so well, I'm sure you'd barely flinch at that thought. When bitterness is soaked in thy heart, The sweet things of life become far fetched. Out of the heart, the mouth speaks.
And though life's innocence was taken away even before you knew what it meant, By someone deemed to be a superhero, But all villains don'…

Problem Of The Coloured Girl

Not once, not twice, Have I seen the coloured girl feel unappreciated or unworthy? Her traits and qualities have been overlooked, So she looks for things that don't need be. Sometimes I can't help but label them the cause of their problems, But yet again, I can't help but be the pillar to lean on.
Just the other day I told my friend how beautiful she looks, And she responded with; "Lool, thanks but not me". Wholeheartedly, that shit broke my heart as I stood on convincing grounds so she sees my point view, Sadly my efforts were rebuffed.
Who you are? I bet you don't even know. Where you are? I'm definite you don't know. Where you're going? It's hard for you to even know, Because you got the problem of being beautifully unworthy.
How beautiful you are?  You don't even know, You rather hang on to the standards of magazines and playboys without knowing you're playing yourself. Giving you reasons why you should hate this and embrace that, In the process making y…

December 6th (The Raconteur)

Words can't basically describe how this day ended, It felt like roll camera and action whereas it wasn't scripted.
We all didn't come to this world to enjoy the fancy things, were her exact words repeatedly. It felt like a familiar stranger talking to you, Indirectly telling you your worries and giving you the solutions to them at the same time. It felt like a messenger from God, Similar to the ones we read about in the Holy Book. I felt bottled in her ideology but I wasn't too deep in it.
She said, We are God-like, since we are made in his Imagine, And each and everyone of us has a purpose on earth, Depends on if we actually want to fulfill that purpose and if we say we don't wanna do it, The Most High has replacements in abundance. It's pretty much you could be part of the greats but you really aren't relevant.
The human form is weak, Even Jesus Christ couldn't bear it anymore whilst on earth, "Father let the cup pass over me" Our conscience is our guide and…

Two Sides (The Raconteur)

The break of dawn, I watched as the Daisy flower sprout to beauty. With finesse, it bloomed to the glory of the morning sun. Oh what an epitome! Nature is indeed the mother of the world.
Two birds, one harmony, They flew to perfection in the eyes of the extraordinary around the Daisy flower. The feeling of the morning breeze upon thy skin, The smell of my coffee tang past my nose, That refreshing feeling, Now peace is restored. Nature meets pleasure.
Clattering sounds of thunder storm on a day that seemed nature was tamed, Mustered from the gate of heaven, The other side of nature looks unleashed.
Wind whirling up to the heavens as it gathers swift momentum. Water level rises above limits, Destruction is seconds away. Nature looks to have turned against its own, Its hit the walls of destruction. Nature meets destruction.
Two sides, Good and bad, Right and wrong. It's whichever we decide to show. We are two sides in one body,
What defines us is mostly that side that displays the most.

Pink Pleasure! (The Raconteur)

They say you're just a carriage for baby making and nothing else. You say you're just a carriage for baby making and nothing else. I say one person is telling a bold lie and that's you.
No one knows you better than you, How you gonna let people run a marathon for you when you're in a race with yourself alone? Your whole being spells life, Your whole being spells mother with undying affection. You are pink, You matter a lot, Pink matters.
Cotton Malibu candy, I compliment you better when it's pink, Though you got shades of different colors like the rainbow. With the banana and peaches made for mouth-gasm, Is it safe to say the banana when isolated is a Lone Ranger? What happens when it meets a fellow Lone Ranger? Makes for sweet serenade,  Pink pleasure.
And I heard someone say the stars are the spies of heaven,  I can boldly accept that statement in all honesty. With how far they are, it's no wonder they seem so close. We pray for good and better ways, But how good is good? At what p…