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Poetry In Motion.

Poetry in motion, Fierce from my thoughts that are evil, As dark as the colour of my skin. My mind softens, my body weakens. I know this, This is the end.
These few seconds are precious, I've never lived this moment before. Like the golden age, it's fascinating, Yet terrifying! I transgress past love ones, As my soul sails out, As though it's the epiphany. My heart's heavy for the last time. I see emotions, Tears are temporary but not permanent to water the sands of time.
My time expires, Attention paid to the sand time. The last grain falls as I draw my last breath, Surely in peace as I rest, And prepare for the next world.
It's really beautiful here. Brighter than my sins, Tranquil like my thoughts in the dark. Heavens gate awaits me, As I await His Presence.
This is the end.

A Fire Love.

I heard the other day that you are married, To someone old enough to be your father figure. What a disgraceful figure. The last time I saw you, You were helpless, And I had two choices to make. Either I let you be and eventually come to a gathering where everyone is dressed in black, Or maybe I could tease you about it after helping your helpless self. I chose this, I don't want an angel to cause the gathering of individuals in black. I saw as the doctor punctured needles to your skin as you laid on the hospital bed. Still in pain, I feared the worst could happen to the girl next door. I prayed to God that night from where I was standing to save you and ease off the pain you felt. I guess the most answered prayers are the ones  prayed in the darkest hours. You looked at me, You saw a scared man and I saw a dying angel, Faced with her last moments. I saw that burning passion in your eyes, As I thought it could be the last time I'll see such from the girl next door. Definitely a fire love, As I gav…

Bed peace.

You play the rhythm of my heartbeat. I listen as you play a fine tune. Oh, what a melody. Play on, play on.
Play to soothing and calm your soul. Play till your fingers are sore and weak, Compared next to it, a snail one hundred times stronger.
I need you, I need you to taste my love, I need you to listen to my heart beat. I need you.
I need you to make my heart your home. I need you to feel and caress my soul. I need to get naked with you, Get lost with you in infinity. As I lay on my bed, My comfort inn, My bed peace.
You slowly crawl up on me, And like a sensational feeling, I'll let it go on
Till the kiss of our souls.


The smile on my face, When you call my name a certain way. I can't help but salvage it, I mean who wouldn't though?
That saving grace voice of yours. Your voice literally is my passage away from the world, And whenever I'm having a bad day,  It's all of you I need to get me through whatever it may be.
Worlds apart, Miles separated, Coast to coast  But an inch closest when I feel my heartbeat, At least that's what you are to me.
I pray it's not far fetched. I see you want me to be the man I want myself to be. Some would see it as a long shot, But you've made it easy that I treasure it now, For it's true meaning, for what it represents.
Now that I've got you,  I'll do a Benjamin Franklin on you,  keep my eyes open only for you.
I found inner peace when I found you. My saving grace,