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Mother's Heart.

Gazing at you sternly now I'm old enough,I can never explain how I still feel like a kid around you. Like a knight, You serve as my shield and sword, Always there to protect me as I've sworn to ever fight for you in this cruel world.
I see your hidden tears but I never know how deep it hurts, I see your scars but never know how many battles you've fought, I see your smile but I sure do know how much Joy that brings to me.
Your heart is of your fist size,  But it still has room for a million things related to me Mother's heart beats always for me until mother's heart beats no more.
In Nego True's words, "Sometimes you got to put something beautiful last, to make something beautiful last". I make merry with you so I keep these memories whelved in the safe of my heart, But it'd never be like my mother's heart, Consumed with love for me.
Happy birthday Mom! 50 has a new face around.