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See every time we went out, Everyone noticed you and kept me at bay, Like I wasn't there. I hate when it happens. I know you're well known across these lands  And I'm just a foreigner, On Strangers tide. Often time, I'll play the buster girl, Doing the who is? Call me crazy, Call me jealous, I call me greedy, But all I wanted was, The strings of our heartbeat in perfect accordance, To an unheard melody.

All of you, And all that was in your heart was my desire, Felt like it was too much to ask. I know I had gone astray, And I needed a second chance. Who doesn’t? It looked hard, everything was against me, Even my own shadow was.

The face I thought that shinned brightest, Couldn't create a spark during my dark times.  Guess I figured why I was mostly kept at bay, Just a little too late. We were untitled. 

Simple Made It Hard.

Simply, The simple things I know are the most valued, But quite the hardest. The simple problems,  You overcome them but struggle less and learn less.
The simple being,  Appears cool to the world but called stupid behind his back. The simple smile has frowned the most. The simple mistakes are only simple,  But quite the hardest to overcome.
The simple tear is always the best and comforting. 
The simple love given is often taken for granted and eventually,  Becomes hard to receive.
Making it hard for you to love love in appreciation. The simple moments are always the hardest to let go off. The simple dreams are sure the best but hardest to forget,
Leading to ending thoughts about it.
The truthful man trying to lead everyone,
To the right path and redemption of their souls,  Is called crazy, And, The other is called, Social.

And my simplicity was all i offered because you felt really comfortable
With it. Who knew that simplicity would make it hard for you to give back
What I gave you.
I guess my love is selfish …

Her Type.

Can I save you from you? The first line I heard on one of my favourite songs, sunk deep in my brain.
Oh a familiar story! Yea, about myself. Her type! Continuing to show me a dazzling "thing" I can "Lambanó".
I remember her certain type,  I had that showed it to me.  Thought it was magic and would go on with the sands of time. But the show was over the next second it began. Promises broken!
Mistakes made,
Lessons learnt.
Now that type has resurfaced, Caught between two paths,  Should I stay? Should I hold her to experiences of my past? She looks like she'd be worth it.
I hold her to promises made, To create the future. I lay it all to you,  let me save you. And if I fall out, 
Again, I know I did fall  For,
Her type.

My reflection.

1 + 1 = 1. You are me, And I am you. We reflect one another, My perfect perfection. We work in accordance, No differences.
My reflection your reflection. I am all you see and you are all I see. My strength, your strength, Your weakness, my weakness. My sunrise, your sunrise, My sunset, your sunset. Your beauty, my beauty, My ugly, your ugly.
My laughter, your laughter, Your pain my pain. My health, your health, Your disease, my disease. Your admiration, my admiration, My loathsome, your loathsome. My half, your half, Your whole, my whole.
My yes, your yes, Your no, my no. You are all I need And I am all you need. You fall I fall, I win, you win. You ride I ride, I die, well you know...
My future, your future, Your burial, my burial. You represent me and I represent you.
My reflection.


Sinning on my mind, Holy to my soul. Running from shadows I ain't see, Only to end up behind them.
Detrimental to my being, Sane to the world. Saddened to my heart, Happy to the world. Scared of beautiful, I embrace ugly.
Fear my dreams, Love my nightmares. A human outward,
An angel inward. Think of hell, Hope for heaven.
My pursuit of happiness, Only but temporary, But it's never ending . My ambitions are good, My dreams are perfect.
A race against myself! Let the pursuit begin. And,
May the odds ever be in my favor.


Let me paint you a picture from my soul. Tick tok, tick tok, It's few minutes to your birthday, Oh how I've longed for this day. Daddy, daddy, How I've always wished to say that, I still do but without the passion.
Omitted from the scripts, It was supposed to be all smiles and celebrations, But just said as mere words like, I love you. Now I'm not mad at you Dad but, If anything happens to you, I'll show no emotion. I've always wished to smile at the happy moments with you, And attack the darkest hours with you. At least the things father and son do. But all hopes deferred the minute you walked away.
I embrace peace and choose not to hold on to anger.
In as much as I wish for you and mom to get back together, I'm glad you both are apart, It's perfect this way.  Except, mom needs to wash away the scars on her heart of wounds, that digs to deepest layer of it.
The sister is a broken art, yet she functions to all her functionalities. Yes I like bittersweet,  But there’s nothing s…