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One Man.

One man can’t change the world. No! Read the first line carefully and don’t give me that stanky look. You know the reverse sounds cliché.
Now let’s be logical here, One being can’t change the minds and thoughts of well over 7 billion people. It’s sucidal. He wouldn’t change half the world.
For good to prevail, Evil has to be around, And when good does prevail, It doesn’t engulf all in its path. After all, we got wolves in sheep clothing.
Jesus Christ came for the salvation of all mankind, But not all were saved during His time on earth. Now the purest of all men who walked the earth couldn’t save all, He saved as much as he could and imposed His gospel be spread all across the world, Still not all is saved by His name.
We should try and change as much minds as we can for the betterment of our existence. My greatest wish, Changing the lives of a hundred men. Nothing would be triller than this. I’d feel successful over life, knowing this is just a trial everyone goes through.
Because Who’s the Judge? The Judge …

Mad Generation.

I lit something on a boulevard road, Sometime in the dark, Where the light falls. A day I let my thoughts run free from imaginations, It's a golden feeling.
I'm gold when tranquility surrounds me, Shit is priceless and I mean it. The new rave and bub of my generation ain't getting to me like the flu. Living the lavish and overhyped lifestyle, Forgetting the basics of our existence as human beings that, Wealth isn't just paper you give out to amass things but, Wealth is the helping hand given out for the uplifting of a fellow being.
Mad generation, All moral values are lost, All sorts of immortality acquired.
I keep myself to myself hoping I don't get infected by this disease. I've lost some moral values myself, But not all of it. I still can draw the line between sanity and crazy, Hype and happiness, Freedom and been tied down by thrills of society.
Mad generation, They do it all for society for, 6, 10, 15 seconds of fame. The devil in disguise, Appealing to embrace this,
Mad generation…


And you might think it's your beauty that keeps me attracted to you, Or your eyes or your smile that does. But only your, Simplicity! does, Keep me attracted to you. It's cheap but can't be bought, I feel alive with it.
It's funny how your wants, Are basic things of your childhood, And me. Most times I know you don't be meaning it, And it somewhat breaks me.
Lately we've gone from strange to strangers, And as much as the pieces of my heart misses you, my body and thoughts are not in accordance with it. I feel I'll meet you on a path beyond far and near in the future. Live the dreams we've both dreamt. Refine beauty to you in 7 billion years, So I know no one else will.
Never question my heart, My love, towards you. It was yours to have. I don't wanna make forever, forever for you. My future is futuristic, My plans are heuristic.
I'll just live with the fact that you're just, A moment that happened. Move on from the closed chapter of the bragerian. It's all in the …

Happy Birthday To Me.

Seeing how far I've come, I've got to say thank you Mom. From being the thing you hoped for, Now being the thing I hope for. This is me saying a happy birthday to me, And a multitude Thanks, to you mom.
You are my saving grace, You both, I can't imagine where I'd be without you both. At age 22 I still cry to you, Well I did the other day on the phone, How I called you randomly and told you about how much I've missed and still miss Grandma, And you understood each tear.
It's my birthday today, As I transit into that Jordan age. And even though the spot light shines on me today, I also take this time to appreciate you,  Make my spot light yours. And even if there's no one there to glamour at your spot light, I'd be your exceeding crowd to wonder on your wonders. As a gentleman you've raised, You've always told me how a king should let his queen have the spot light.
Your number one button I push, Anytime I bring up matters concerning my dad. See mom I don't do this on…


Diamonds they say are forever  But isn't that what you're supposed to be, Live forever? Well in my eyes though.
My first true love, You treasured me, Even before my existence. You thought me my first rhyme, Before I knew what rhyming was. Our Sunday tales by moonlight  Really was Sunday's tale by moonlight. You loved me in a unique way, The rest of the family couldn't understand. Our bond was fiercer than that of James.
Antho! Only you called me that, You earned the right to call me by that name, Lord knows I miss the way you call me.
Every now and then, I feel you around me. I dunno why it's so,  Maybe it's cause I lay where you once laid, That I relive every dark tear that soaked on pillows I lay now.
You foresaw all the negatives about me, Like the girl you warned me about whom she later made him play my role. I can't forget how you always told me to chase whatever I believe in, Telling each time I'll be great, And change my roots and surroundings whenever it needs changing.

The Box.

Way before existence existed, Your being have I conceived,  In my thoughts As anxiety Impels my feelings in exploring her fantasy world.
She yells stop,  Don't crush my box. I whisper I'm not crushing,  I just wanna feel how deep it runs,  Your box I mean.
She says her box is the secrecy of an oath, And only the right person deemed perfect would be able to feel her soul,  Once its opened. I then replied with a deep sigh and a heartache, what can I do to prove you right,  I could swear with my life.  She replied swear by none,  Because your life is what I want till eternity.
An awkward silence roamed through the room as I tried stomaching what's been said. Then I grabbed her more swiftly,  Kissed her passionately and said,  Let me be the reason you'd have no reason to break the secrecy of, 

The box.

His Story.

It was all smiles on my face, As I saw a good friend I hadn't seen in about six years. Hugs, smiles, greetings, We shared in a short time. We had the catch up session, You know! To cover up for lost time. I watched as my aunt came down the stairs, Although forgotten me.
Thoughts refreshed, She smiles and opens her hands wide in embracement. I could tell she did a comparison of the old me to the new from the way she spoke. She's pleased with what she sees.
Got introduced to a few beings, They spoke to me like I was their own, I could feel comfortable with them. We Converse like the All Stars, And he spoke.
He has to be amongst the smartest persons I've ever met. With so much pain he told his hapless tale. I saw a man who was on his way up, And suddenly, as though engulfed in flames the ladder he was on, His world came down like fallen ashes. I could see his soul, Filled with pain and anger. He's on bended knees.
A fallen angel awaits him, Desperate to come back on his feet, Learn to fly in the sk…


I smiled as I watched her FaceTime call came in. It only meant I was gonna play the role of a suspect, As her questions were interrogatory. She's mind fucked.
It follows with what are we? Cause lately she's been trying to read meanings, To everything I do or say, And that shit be bad for you. It could fuck with you mentally.
I can't help but admire her still though, Her eyes, her lips and smile. These are mine,  Sorry WAS mine.  I hope you regret that decision you made that summer. I bluntly adhered to it, Only cause I wanted you to see my true value and worth, Which eventually you did but, Was such a grown lady, You didn't wanna give in on your wrongs  When you fully know you can't change what's at heart. 
And when you say I'm in love with 10 females, I always ridicule that statement. Whilst thinking about it days ago, I could see how true it is to an extent, But still exaggerated.
Of course I won't play the role of an Angel, I also admit my short comings, I'm truly sorry ab…