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A Soldier's Tale. (The Raconteur)

Picture this, The night before, you're having a fun chilling session with your crew, Happy moments are made and are created into memories the very second the clock ticks. Priceless right?
Now picture this, 12 hours later, You're picking body parts of some of your crew members, As though in a butcher shop, Trying to buy your favourite meat and picking it's body part for your assessment. Yea, that scenario.
I have your mind focused on a motion picture, I have you thinking more than A,B,C. Now, I think I have your attention.
The brothers in arms, Dedicated and swore to always put the protection of their country as their number one priority. Now apply the second paragraph of this poem to the life of a soldier. It's even pathetic when I say the government of the country I live in don't even come close to half on a scale, in supporting its soldiers. Unfortunately, But this is almost a routine for soldiers in sambisa forest, Borno state, Nigeria.
With the sprouting rise of boko haram, It'…

Tatted Angel (The Raconteur)

She's the girl every girl looks up to, She's the girl most parents wish was theirs, The girl every guy wish was his. Her modesty, she portrays,  Makes her the girl everyone wanted around.
Orphan girl from a young age, She struggled with her grandmother who taught her the core values of a lady. She listened to grandma, As grandma's words brought that of wisdom. Grandma's words gave her guidance and made her the girl everyone wanted around them, At least it seemed but there was more of her that was far from their eyes.
A young beautiful girl, She's seen her friends attain some kind of "next level", She feels detached from her friends she's done everything with. Grandma's words knocks on her membrane, She has an inner conversation with her conscience, She's faced with two different choices that could well pan out her life overtime.
She visualises herself a superstar, The visions of the glamour attain heights in her mind, Which then made grandma's words less rem…