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Gran Torino (The Raconteur)

Gran Torino
I wrote a letter to the sky, in the middle of the night, Sailing from euphoria to your heart. A beautiful destination, Never seen a place like this. Stranger now, But someday I'll make this heart mine. I could make this heart my safe haven.
Do you own this heart? I mean can you let me make a claim of your heart? I'm a mess currently, Scared to see something beautiful when I'm a mess, Cause I feel it's the right thing at the wrong time, So I consume my darkness and let your heart be my city of light.
The spring boulevard, Springs me down a city of light. Like a knight, I’m your shinning amour, Shinning ever-brighter, Tranquil to serenade thy mind, A visionary to the ordinary.
I'll travel to the moon and set you apart from the stars, Let me gaze at you in the beauty of the night, Travel through your galaxy and milk on your Milky Way. A shooting star at night but a treasure by day, Nothing physical compares to you so you know there's no letting you go.
My message conveyed with…