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December 6th (The Raconteur)

Words can't basically describe how this day ended, It felt like roll camera and action whereas it wasn't scripted.
We all didn't come to this world to enjoy the fancy things, were her exact words repeatedly. It felt like a familiar stranger talking to you, Indirectly telling you your worries and giving you the solutions to them at the same time. It felt like a messenger from God, Similar to the ones we read about in the Holy Book. I felt bottled in her ideology but I wasn't too deep in it.
She said, We are God-like, since we are made in his Imagine, And each and everyone of us has a purpose on earth, Depends on if we actually want to fulfill that purpose and if we say we don't wanna do it, The Most High has replacements in abundance. It's pretty much you could be part of the greats but you really aren't relevant.
The human form is weak, Even Jesus Christ couldn't bear it anymore whilst on earth, "Father let the cup pass over me" Our conscience is our guide and…

Two Sides (The Raconteur)

The break of dawn, I watched as the Daisy flower sprout to beauty. With finesse, it bloomed to the glory of the morning sun. Oh what an epitome! Nature is indeed the mother of the world.
Two birds, one harmony, They flew to perfection in the eyes of the extraordinary around the Daisy flower. The feeling of the morning breeze upon thy skin, The smell of my coffee tang past my nose, That refreshing feeling, Now peace is restored. Nature meets pleasure.
Clattering sounds of thunder storm on a day that seemed nature was tamed, Mustered from the gate of heaven, The other side of nature looks unleashed.
Wind whirling up to the heavens as it gathers swift momentum. Water level rises above limits, Destruction is seconds away. Nature looks to have turned against its own, Its hit the walls of destruction. Nature meets destruction.
Two sides, Good and bad, Right and wrong. It's whichever we decide to show. We are two sides in one body,
What defines us is mostly that side that displays the most.