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Last Summer.

It's amazing when I travel down memory lane to this time,
I'm amazed at how things have actually changed.
What a time that was.

A new stage in my life,
I've got a chance to get something in control,
Carve out something I call mine.
But first need to learn my surroundings.

Last summer, I heard of your dads death,
And a plus to my misplaced count of life and death, starred me into my soul.
I watched you tell tales about your dad,
A super hero in your eyes, you spoke proudly of him.
I likened your dad to mine, a bitch move and one I'm not proud of,
There's no life better than yours so I gotta love mine,
But I can hardly careless if I hear about his death.
How can I love mine when mine hasn't even loved me?

And I actually realized that the girl of my dreams wasn't far off from my reality,
It was a make believe and still is.
A moment I find myself chasing waterfalls,
Hoping I don't lay to rest in its bed.
I was probably falling in, the very same time you were falling out o…

The Reply. (End Of T.P.R.A.N.)

And to the lady, Who solely HAD the key to the chest of my beating heart,  Like that of David Jones.  I too am not sure about us but I know what's real.  You revealed myself to myself,  Showed me the idea of whom I want to spend forever with. 
I'm still a growing young man learning about life,  I think I know enough about life but that's me lying to myself, But one thing I know for certain is,  Whatever is best for you never goes away.  It could only go into hiding just to see how hard you'd search for it or maybe,  try replacing it and,  If it's best for you then your only option is to search hard for it.  God knows what's best for us all.
Only a fool wouldn't put his faith in God.  Having a relationship with God is the ultimate.  I don't go by the terms Christianity or religion, These days these words aren't what they ought to be.  Personal observations has left a curious cat this way.  I openly admit I'm a sinner,  I'm human that makes vast mistakes and with…

The Holy Ghost.

Holy Ghost! I'm on my knees, I'm on my knees. Holy Ghost! You're all I need, you're all I need. I could relate perfectly to this.
Walking through the neighbourhood I grew up in, I could feel home again, I'm freedom. How much I've missed Lagos, How much I've missed calling Maryland home. It's all thoughts and smiles and greetings around here, I elope in this region.
Jesus! With a scream, I heard as I approached the church in my neighbourhood. With pain from the deepest part of her heart, She screamed again, Jesus. I could tell she's female, judging by the tone of her voice.
She sounds like she has gotten to the walls of frustration, She has been eaten up by the pawns of struggle. Her pain! I felt her pain from the sound of her voice.
Right there where I was, across the church, I went down on my knees in all appreciation to The Most High. I have my battles Lord, I open my heart to you. This woman's pain is unbearable. She's challenging God to prove Himself. I felt st…

The Matrimony.

And then I was golden in the dark, Glittering sparks of unforeseen forces, Just beneath the sky. The moon prides itself, As it shines in all fullness, The stars are gone to sleep. Even nature has its bad side.
The heart beats, but to no melody. All clattering noise in here. I am void. Can you play a melody to soothing it with all calmness? Can you play that harp long enough not to let my demons have the best of me? Can you fight alongside me on my quest in conquering the world? Can you be all in all the Bonnie to my Clyde, That I glide so low to praise you to the highest heavens?
For a moment, Understand who I was, who I am and who I wanna be. I have me, but often times I lose myself on a path where I try to see what you look like or who you are. Anxiety in happiness, how does that turn out?
The matrimony, I sure dunno what it feels like. You scare me but I can't wait till that stage is attained, And when attained, I'll be sure to make it a show that never ends. Show me how to love, Show me how to lo…

The Lumière.

You say I'm just a mess, I say baby I'm stressed. You slowly hug up on me, and I feel the affection. Oh, babe! I've missed you. I can tell, she says. I see how you've been acting lately, I can see it in your eyes
You slowly give me the stare, And I see the sun rise and set on your face. Oh what an epitome. You know I need a getaway, You give me a ticket to your vacation, And tell me to prepare for the adventures of wonderland.
I salute like attention, We inter switch like opposite as we communicate orally. You see I'm well spoken, and I see you drooling from beneath your beauty, Then you glide slowly from my mountain top.
Stormy sails make good captains they say, As I sail through your troubled waters. Holding on, as I aim to make you rain on my ship. Hoping not to let this ride capsize and overflow, As I reach to let your water overflow.
I attain greater heights, As the stormy sea falls to calmness, fugaciously. Till then I'm captain of this ship, As we relive all,

The Wanted.

And I want to fall in love. And I want to fall in love with you. And I want to fall in love with you again. And I want to fall in love with the things we used to say.
Maybe it's because I thought about you today. Maybe it's because I thought about you the other day. Maybe it's because .......... Ah! What am I saying?
I know, This is me telling you I'm happier and living better, Now that we are over a zillion yards away, But still trying to say I miss you from within a trillion yards. A long shot, I got a long way to go. It's boring somewhat, not having you here or in my life, But I'm fully entertained. You are no good for my health.
Maybe I don't need good, Good keeps me happy, 
Bad makes me hyper. Like cocaine, 
You're bad for me but can't function without it. Sometimes bad isn't always ugly, And good isn't always beautiful. Beauty could come from ugly .
My topmost form of happiness is knowing you're happy, But your happiness lies with some other being, And I…

The Girl In The Neighborhood.

And even though I know it's going to take you a lifetime to read this, 
I write this with the betterment of hope. I see how you advance levels, 
I guess that's what comes with age. Feels like a movie, watching how the next phase surfaces on different platforms.
From a regular kid in the neighbourhood, To the girl he was always shy of taking to in the neighbourhood, Who has also got your interest at heart. More like your secret fan that has always wanted to see you and every other kid in the neighbourhood successful in all that we do.
Different cliques, 
Probably made it difficult to strike the perfect conversation back in Convent. And I saw how saucy your friends were and like the saying, 
"show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are", 
Thought you were also saucy. 
Well you seem like you are with that piss off sign you have on your forehead. Remember back in Convent, 
When one of the sisters punished literally the big guns in the school and said we should all pick stones…

The Kk.

Anticipated like your next breath, I really tell myself I'm good enough, But never see my words manifest in reality. My writing fingers turn to clicking fingers, From the views of the viewers, Hoping for the views in play like the Review.
With all these thoughts I break lose, From the cell, membrane, Ain't remember anyone trying to do this, To prove a point or be utterly different.
How I think of all these? How I act calm whereas my mind is like the current news, Clattering with bloodshed, ignorance, power, hate. The average human mind can't soak it all, You need to be apart, I guess that's why they've Albert Einstein's brain. He was apart from the rest, a very deep critical thinker.
My mind and soul elevates when I'm with you, I feel resourceful having you. I'm somewhere in the clouds, Floating to an unknown place. You bring a gathering of brethren in peace and harmony, Letting me know life is peaceful if everyone offers love so hate is eradicated.
Many see you as ugly, I see…

The Grey Sky.

What was and what is and what will be are moments controlled by a master of all, Time. We are all slaves, slaves to this master and, I'm just another slave, Controlled by time. Created by the Most High cause we failed him before. I know the world didn't become sphere-like shaped, it took something supreme for all these to come into existence.
Impossibilities are impossible, But I know impossible exist only but in one way, Taking time back or forward. All that's left is now, and this now doesn't feel so good to say the least. The veins in my eyes bleed, As I can't create salty water no more, To teary eyes of an ocean. All that is left are moments of the time past, Till I become the moments of the time past.
The grey sky, Everything looks dull and revolting around here. I'm fading as my conscience fades into memories of your existence. You're beautiful, Your beauty beautifies the smile on my face. My home, my safe haven, Always my source of peace and comfort.
A rose with thorns, I…

The girl on drugs.

We all gotta admit it, We are judgemental when it comes to the issue, Girls and drugs. The girls into drugs from smoking down to pills are mostly looked down on and regarded as having no future. But who are we to say one has no future because of their actions or attitude towards things. As a guy, the girls on drugs excite me but that's seldom. I've met a handful of these girls but one stood out that changed my views about everything.
She read my eulogy about my mom and shed a tear, This was after watching her booze on LSD and hit a couple kk's. The eulogy is a reminder of her experiences, A plummeted past she hopes that never surfaces in the future. She's about to let me into her world.
She's one who loves love for the sake of love, It's all she's used to and comes easy from within her being. She's used to having fuck boys as her partners, Her father can be likened to an eclipse, And her mother is overly busy for her own person.
All these other females glam for the gram…

The Mother Dearest.

With her advancement in technology, She's able to call me via FaceTime. She's just filled with Joy and refreshed, As the sister just had a successful surgery. The night before, she was miserable.
We spoke about you, And she asked if I was still gonna make that trip to the Amazon. I bluntly replied to what she needed to hear, She knew something was up. She scolds me and said I shouldn't be a mess like my father. At least I'm his son, and he's one of my only 2 competitions momma, I try to be better than the man he is.
You know it's never going down well when we talk about dad, You turn the tables on me and it's mostly damned. I hate when I get buried for this, but you think after all this I'm going to be picking sides against you. I hate when your insecurities come to play momma, It belittles you momma, know your worth ma, I really hate talking to you like this ma, I really don't want to talk about this momma, Every time this issue comes up I gotta result to my dark way…

Sorry Dear Ex.

It's been a while, It's been a while we had a heart to heart talk. When did distance start affecting distance. I must have lost my manners because I forgot to ask how you are? I get selfish sometimes. I get self oriented sometimes I forget self. Have I really changed or I'm still that same old carefree being you once knew from way back?
Did my flirtatious ways make your insecurities insecure? I wasn't doing it on purpose, and that's for certain. I guess I'll shift the blame to my free spirited self. Same old me, I never own up to my wrongs. Maybe I didn't want to be the reason when things go wrong, But was I wrong with all my doings? You know I really hate when you cry, But I adore our make up moments. When we snuggle up on each other, I kiss you sorry and you do the same.
Does your mom still mention my name every now and then? Damn I love her and how she'd always check up on me, Guess she really got it for the boy! I can only look at her with words of appreciation from be…

The Bayelsa, My Country.

And it bothers me. And it bothers me, Why we let their knives pierce through our skin? Why we let them reach a meeting point with our hearts. They forcefully take us, they enslave us, They make us live in the worst manner ever, As long as that manner falls best for them.
But wait, is this really for the people? By the people and of the people? Oh wait, wait! I think I know what this means, Democracy. "My bad", It's DEMO-CRAZY. Their crazy stupid acts of amassing all that's on their path in excess. Their crazy stupid branded lies they tell us every four years, They call it "Ambition" and "Promises".
They take it all and give us nothing, They call it rich vs poor. My fathers of the past, 
Didn't fight for "The Glory of all Lands" to be in a shambolic state it is now than it was back in their days.
I, a mortal being born of modern heritage, In a region walked on by fathers of the past. Who fought for a country with a coat of arms, With an eagle that prides i…

The High Note.

You remind me of Minnie Riperton, A Beyoncé, a Victoria Monet, an Adele. Your voice, When you hit that note, Your high note,  It's pitch perfect.
I'm god playing on your pitch, I can be compared to the greatest, Filled with over flowing skills like; Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Pele or a Diego Maradona.
Your high note, It's evergreen and blissful to me, But clattering to the neighbours. Your high note is soothing to my ear drums. It's pleasurable to my soul. It keeps me working overload, Like the performance of the dream girls.
I wrote this while thinking of you, Whilst reminiscing about our last performance. And when we were done, You went down on both knees, And said, Bless me.

Now I’ve gone beastings. (Hahaha)!

The Curse Of The Giver.

Colour me the wind, Let me be felt on your succulent skin. The dawn of the full moon, I cry out to you like a she-wolf, Somewhere in the closet of my heart.
The season of my youth, Surely feels the hardest, But with guidance definitely going to be easy.
The people of my people, Exceeds not the people's people. Like an eagle, Take flight, with my 20/20 vision see the world. In my grasp is what is needed by my people, the people and I.
The curse of the giver, It's about the ability to reach in, In other to reach out. I follow the blueprint of my Grandmother. And like I was told, Kill the boy, to groom the Man, Hoping someday my dreams rescues me, As I don't become a stranger to my dreams.

My purpose on earth has now become my curse.
This is The Curse Of The Giver.

The Optimum.

The beginning of forever,  Leads to the end of never,  Whenever impossibilities of possibilities  becomes possible cause it spells I'm possible,  Which implies to say we can overcome any situation.
The perfect imperfection who says she's not perfect, Because she's seen what the world claims to be perfect in her eyes,  Is stupefied not to see that perfection lies from within her.
Her mirror becomes detrimentally useless,  If it doesn't reveal beauty to her in a vivid manner. I'll be there,  To redefine beauty in a thousand and one ways and form, Till she's preciously beautiful enough to say,
I'm a beautiful precious jewel.