Sunday, 20 December 2015

The Holy Ghost.

Holy Ghost! I'm on my knees, I'm on my knees.
Holy Ghost! You're all I need, you're all I need.
I could relate perfectly to this.

Walking through the neighbourhood I grew up in,
I could feel home again,
I'm freedom.
How much I've missed Lagos,
How much I've missed calling Maryland home.
It's all thoughts and smiles and greetings around here,
I elope in this region.

Jesus! With a scream,
I heard as I approached the church in my neighbourhood.
With pain from the deepest part of her heart,
She screamed again, Jesus.
I could tell she's female, judging by the tone of her voice.

She sounds like she has gotten to the walls of frustration,
She has been eaten up by the pawns of struggle.
Her pain!
I felt her pain from the sound of her voice.

Right there where I was, across the church,
I went down on my knees in all appreciation to The Most High.
I have my battles Lord, I open my heart to you.
This woman's pain is unbearable.
She's challenging God to prove Himself.
I felt stupid for not appreciating what He has done, He's doing and would do for me,
There are people wishing they had the problems I'm having.
Ungrateful me.

On my knees Lord,
I open my heart of hearts to you.
For appreciation of your works in my life.
Thank you for ugly.
That night I opened my heart to The Most High,

And felt The Holy Ghost.