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The Ultimate Gemini

Finally here, finally here,
I have my Westbrook's face,
Finally here.
All-time high,
My cocky pride.
A star but in disguise as the moon.

They say men don't cry,
But will I be forgiven for shedding tears in my 5 seconds comfort zone?
Just as the clouds pass and fade away,
So does emotions, 
So it's best emotions don't dictate us.

No pun intended,
I've had dreams of being celebrated,
Say a wish for my celebration,
Say a prayer for the manifestation of my revelation.
When love doesn't make you better, it makes you bitter,
So it's safe when one uses emotions as drive to their destination.

Nothing can stop me except if God ordains,
I've heard a lot of talking but it's mundane,
To the spectators, spectating what could be of me, literally.
Typical humans!

And I wouldn’t expect you to stick to the butt hole,
That's some disgusting shit when you can have a couple inches,
And if that isn’t enough for ya,
I got well over 7 inches for ya,
Now that’s a mouth full.
keep your mouth contained and stop being loose like your down-sized girls.
Guess it’s entertaining watching grown-ups think they are grown ups.
I’ve always thought you to be fatherly figure,
But words like, 
“Men are like Santa Clause, at some point you stop believing in them”,
Proves why words don’t die.

I’m elastic heart,
Built to contain and comeback,
Now that’s me bigger than you and telling you those 3 words,



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