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And even though I try to be perfect,
I really am not, But sometimes my ways aren't pure. See due to the pain incurred by life I feel a little mischievous deed is needed Every once in a while, but I take it overboard. It was all a plan, she'd find out soon!

Acted like though my heart beat matched that of hers, It was sure the quickest route to the sloppy land. A hold on her past, Looks like my get out of jail card, I hold it tight to my chest.

I guess the oscars missed my acts like Leonardo Di Caprio, Cause she found my acts entertaining she became an audience,
Waiting to see how everything unveils. Perfect move, she likes everything I do. She sees her knight and shinning amour But really an agent of satan behind that. Only thirsty for her body, As I see her as a window of opportunities when others disappoint for a moment.

Rosy beginning but all good thing comes to an end. Trapped in prison, I use my get out of jail card, Not for the first time! She let emotions get the best of her, She cries but I ca…


Alone on a crossroad,
Faced between Good and evil.
My thoughts racing against each other,
Hoping one becomes superior than the rest

Test for my patience,
I can see the light at the end of the tunnel from my right,
It looks like a long walk to freedom,
Never bending the rules.

The glamours of life on my left,
A mere foot walk from it.
Tempted to my soul,
The devil creeping in.

Can I hold on long enough not to fall
Sky high above the mountain top.

And even if I fall,
Head buried in the ground,
I know He would mend my fallen bones
And attain me to the point of stability.

Jar Of Misfortune.

Females these days hope for the best,
But really get the worst. Hope for the perfect happy ever after But get the tragic ending. Hope for the biggest karat, But get bare stones.
The best you need is right within your arm stretch, But in a decisive form that you overlook, And placed him a million miles apart, Cause he didn’t measure up to the standards you want, And don’t want society seeing you as a "quir".  So you sprint past him, faster than the Bolt of Usain.
I say pride, you say grown lady, So we race back to default. Hoping for further expectations. My gain, your loss, As I’ve learnt how best could come, So hope for your attitude not!
I want you but don’t need you, See it’s more like my plan against the Creator’s plan. Mortal versus Immortal, We all know how this one goes. And knowing me, I defy negative odds towards me.
A curse for me but one I’d take for her. After all, it was a plan we’d become one.
They say a man is allowed three undying loves in his life. His grandmother, His mother and The …


You watched,
As he approached your way.
Looking like a tamed dog,
Far from his personality.
Displaying his acts of apology,
Not for the first time.
As I've watched this scene one to many times,
I can tell the end from the beginning. 

Aroused with anger and emotion,
I could still see through her,
Her meekness yearning for him,
Her acts are only for the process of the replay.
She says what she said she wouldn't say.

It all looks good, rosy and sweet,
As I'm engulfed by disappointment.
I know my role in this movie,
To offer the leaning shoulder when he's on the wrong side.

You were legally blind not to see the beautiful pictures I 
Painted about us in my dreams.
Well that's the least I could get,
As I couldn't let my intentions known,
Making me look like a dark rose amongst Daisies. 
I know, that's how far it goes.

I like you enough not to do stupefying things,
But I love me enough to keep me happy.

Boulevard Of Hope.

Did it wrong, Right when the deed had been struck. Pain in my heart, Hopeful for better days,  Like a christian waiting on the Lord. I shall break all gates of negativity,  Swim in pools of positivity,  Without the H.I.V.
Positioned like a crocodile in water, Waiting to salvage its prey. Perfect timing I ask this time, It was the reverse the last. And if I fail, like I’m built for, I’ll try over again till it’s done.
And like a sister’s act, Give exaltation to the most high. Cause from Him, i’m made, And from Him, will i be made.

Do I ... I Do

Do I get in your head the way you think I should? Do thoughts of me bring out one of the most prettiest of smiles from your face? Do pleasurable imaginative thoughts about me send shivers down your spine,  As though you've never had these bittersweet moments? Do I make your legs cringe, your eyes rolled to the back of your head as though  It was thy amazing grace? oh how sweet, oh how sweet thy ........ Lol I better not start something that'd make you wanting more.

Will I be the reason you'd progress from that kidulthood, adulthood and finally 
Land on that parenthood that'd bring forth the younger us and eventually progress
Way further than we can possibly imagine? Do I remind you of the heart breaks in the past and make you grateful for the 
Present and with God and God willing have an undying future better than that of 
Romeo and Juliet? Cause the great, will I am shakes spear any weapon aimed at us.
Will I be the reason your mom becomes granny, pops becomes grandpa, 
Sis becomes…

Riesen Tracy!

I got reminded of you  by mom. She said " see how fair this girl is, like Tracy". My thoughts ran quickly to that shining skin of yours, That benign smile on your face.
As kids then, We watched each other grow to a certain point. You thought I was annoying, And I thought your beauty and complexion got to your head and you acted 
Lackadaisical Whenever I spoke to you about it which sometimes pissed me off. Anytime you came around to see Preye, I'd be happy, Not cause we would do a Tom and Jerry sequel, But because,
I'd get time to spend with you and paint you a picture idea of what we could be like.
When mom would say in front you "Kumo you'd marry Tracy”, and we then give her the, 
"we are always on each other's necks, how could we possibly marry”, look. 
Although deep down in me I liked it.
Do you remember how you'd coordinate yourself and the girls in church whilst 
Onyeka and I acted like nuisances. Or what about when you sung your favourite song, and how I to…

Sweetest Moment.

Her lips shivered, when her eyes spoke words her ears hasn't heard.
Drowned in love but never had the intimacy of it,
It's her first time.
My hand rubs smoothly on her tender skin,
can taste her sweetness. 

Her eyes rolled back,
Duvet grabbing and that sexy devious sound she makes,
In times of pleasurable distress were all I noticed.
As that of mine, which holds life and death twirls on her sugar coated walls.

Arguably one of her best moments, She couldn't have felt anything this much.Begging of me to stop but we both know what that means.Inter switching actions, hope I don't nut before expectations.

I soon heard her make that repose sound,As though she broke free of shackles holding her back.I know that sound, it's that of victory but only just the first round,
And like a boxer, i'll beat it up till she taps out.