Wednesday, 15 April 2015


You watched,
As he approached your way.
Looking like a tamed dog,
Far from his personality.
Displaying his acts of apology,
Not for the first time.
As I've watched this scene one to many times,
I can tell the end from the beginning. 

Aroused with anger and emotion,
I could still see through her,
Her meekness yearning for him,
Her acts are only for the process of the replay.
She says what she said she wouldn't say.

It all looks good, rosy and sweet,
As I'm engulfed by disappointment.
I know my role in this movie,
To offer the leaning shoulder when he's on the wrong side.

You were legally blind not to see the beautiful pictures I 
Painted about us in my dreams.
Well that's the least I could get,
As I couldn't let my intentions known,
Making me look like a dark rose amongst Daisies. 
I know, that's how far it goes.

I like you enough not to do stupefying things,
But I love me enough to keep me happy.