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Future Daughter (The Raconteur)

I heard Bruce Willis say; "God gives us children so we can have roses in December". But I know with you, he'll give me a garden full. That's a bounty for the bountiful,
From a birds eye view, I'll watch you grow into a Wonder Woman, One that knows how to mend a broken heart but often times take charge of situations. I'll groom you up into an African woman, You'll have a strange name that holds earthly meanings of your root, your culture and tribe. When people laugh at your own, Sing cheers of Hallelujah because they only mock the continuity of life.
I'll have men chase unicorns then feel butterflies in their stomach,  Before they can even come close to tasting your sweetness, sweetness. Donna, Donna, Donna, Donna, I have a sense of eunoia writing this because I know you hold an allure, I'll breed you into Psalm 31,  So virtuousness will be the order of your day. I know you'll be a logophile, I pray you don't become an eccedentesiast, Whenever you feel down, …

Poetry (The Raconteur)...Happy birthday.

I fell in love with you at age 6, The very night I looked up at the sky and saw the beauty of the stars. That very night, I penned down the most beautiful thing then in my eyes, Created by one of the greats, Celine Dion. Every night in my dreams,  I see you, I feel you.
How beautiful you were and still are, How beautiful you make expressions come to life, How beautiful you … Wait, You know I can go on and on to tell you how beautiful you are but still wouldn't find the right expression to tell you how beautiful you are. You know you're my saving grace, You know you changed my suicidal thoughts the very day I penned down The Poem from my last collection of art. It felt like the Holy Grail.
I remember the first day I expressed my art when I was 16, It felt beautiful,  Then I realised how powerful words are, Then I thought about how bad my dad must have abused my mom and that shit turned me into a real sicko.
But Solace I found in you on my pursuit of happiness, Hopes and dreams you sold to me for m…