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V.O.L. (views on life) (The Raconteur)

To be born is to someday die, To love is to someday get heartbroken, To hate is to disregard, To live forever is immortality which is crazy, But true genuinely self happiness is a lifetime.

    - Devante.

Need To Know (The Raconteur).

Done saying I'm done playing, Last time is this time, Tired of giving a shit about people, Been used to that my whole life. Gave heads up on my snap at the end of 015, Don't see the point of snapchat in 016. Antisocial thinking it's social where people care less of how you feel but really the media making the most out of it.
Martin said no one has your back other than yourself,  It's a lonely world when alone. Feeling the weight of the world, That's how you feel Martin when you try proving a point to the world other than yourself. Focus on being a better you yesterday never saw and let your tomorrow do all the talking,
Now that's word of mouth.
A flex guy I was, thanks to the roommate back in apartment 316 You helped change my style and looks, But it took Tunde waking me up from my slumber, life isn't about the shoes, clothes and bottles. Life measures so it's standard with our standards. You need to get used to this and disregard your ego, I'm still searching for som…