Sunday, 5 April 2015

Sweetest Moment.

Her lips shivered, when her eyes spoke words her ears hasn't heard.
Drowned in love but never had the intimacy of it,

It's her first time.

My hand rubs smoothly on her tender skin,

can taste her sweetness. 

Her eyes rolled back,

Duvet grabbing and that sexy devious sound she makes,

In times of pleasurable distress were all I noticed.

As that of mine, which holds life and death twirls on her sugar coated walls.

Arguably one of her best moments, 
She couldn't have felt anything this much.

Begging of me to stop but we both know what that means.

Inter switching actions, hope I don't nut before expectations.

I soon heard her make that repose sound,

As though she broke free of shackles holding her back.

I know that sound, it's that of victory but only just the first round,
And like a boxer, i'll beat it up till she taps out.