Monday, 13 April 2015

Do I ... I Do


Do I get in your head the way you think I should?
Do thoughts of me bring out one of the most prettiest of smiles from your face?
Do pleasurable imaginative thoughts about me send shivers down your spine, 
As though you've never had these bittersweet moments?
Do I make your legs cringe, your eyes rolled to the back of your head as though 
It was thy amazing grace? oh how sweet, oh how sweet thy ........
Lol I better not start something that'd make you wanting more.

Will I be the reason you'd progress from that kidulthood, adulthood and finally 
Land on that parenthood that'd bring forth the younger us and eventually progress
Way further than we can possibly imagine?
Do I remind you of the heart breaks in the past and make you grateful for the 
Present and with God and God willing have an undying future better than that of 
Romeo and Juliet? Cause the great, will I am shakes spear any weapon aimed at us.

Will I be the reason your mom becomes granny, pops becomes grandpa, 
Sis becomes auntie And granny  Becomes the great of all that super sees our well-being.
Do I trouble your mind when I'm far reachable for a day or two, chains of Communication broken down into the ocean beds?

Do I think I need to hear an I DO from these questions?