Sunday, 6 December 2015

The African Woman.

How beautiful you look?
How dark, chocolate like or light skinned is your skin tone?
You hail from a region Nature falls at your feet.
My African woman,
You are priceless, don't let anyone or any other race put a value on your worth.
They're simply implying you got a limit when you ought to be limitless,
Set a standard and not follow the standard that's set.

Irrespective of the foreign names you got,
I adore your African name.
Lupita, Amaka, Preye, Embelle, Amal, Agbani, Omotola, Tanyaradzwa, 
Damilola, Enuma, Tochukwu, Funmilayo, Toritseju, Limeni, Asiya, Meerah, 
Nanyombi, Sanaa and the list is never ending.
I love this, and I love the fact that you represent a culture the African way.

The way you struggle or worry about your hair.
And you know you don't need to hide under the shadows of cosmetics for a make up,
Cause your beauty is extricating.
The way your waist thrust from left to right,
No wonder the world is trying to be like you but you never see it.
The world is embracing the fashion culture of my African woman but still,
The world receives the glory.
Stand for your own and your people and tribe and your continent,
Take pride in what's yours.

And when you make that African food, the African way.
The fufu, ugba(African salad), kente or your jollof rice,
Exciting forms of thirst starts to kick in.
You are the mother of the world,
Wear your crown so highly on your head,
That's majestic for all to see.
You are a queen the African woman,
Don't give a b that right alone.
And put in line the same discipline and qualities to the coming generation of,

The African woman.