Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Riesen Tracy!


I got reminded of you  by mom.
She said " see how fair this girl is, like Tracy".
My thoughts ran quickly to that shining skin of yours,
That benign smile on your face.

As kids then,
We watched each other grow to a certain point.
You thought I was annoying,
And I thought your beauty and complexion got to your head and you acted 
Lackadaisical Whenever I spoke to you about it which sometimes pissed me off.
Anytime you came around to see Preye, I'd be happy,
Not cause we would do a Tom and Jerry sequel,
But because,
I'd get time to spend with you and paint you a picture idea of what we could be like.

When mom would say in front you "Kumo you'd marry Tracy”, and we then give her the, 
"we are always on each other's necks, how could we possibly marry”, look. 
Although deep down in me I liked it.

Do you remember how you'd coordinate yourself and the girls in church whilst 
Onyeka and I acted like nuisances.
Or what about when you sung your favourite song, and how I told you the song is 
wack and stupid, and that your voice sounded terrible just to make myself feel better, 
Cause I'm actually the worst vocalist ever.

Damn I miss you Tracy,
I pray you that of bliss, with the Almighty.
As you look upon us, and smile.
I know for a fact it’s beautiful over there but your lose here is still hard to take in.
You’d forever be that childhood sweetheart, that Riesen Tracy.