Tuesday, 28 April 2015


And even though I try to be perfect,
I really am not,
But sometimes my ways aren't pure.
See due to the pain incurred by life
I feel a little mischievous deed is needed
Every once in a while, but I take it overboard.
It was all a plan, she'd find out soon!

Acted like though my heart beat matched that of hers,
It was sure the quickest route to the sloppy land.
A hold on her past,
Looks like my get out of jail card,
I hold it tight to my chest.

I guess the oscars missed my acts like Leonardo Di Caprio,
Cause she found my acts entertaining she became an audience,
Waiting to see how everything unveils.
Perfect move, she likes everything I do.
She sees her knight and shinning amour
But really an agent of satan behind that.
Only thirsty for her body,
As I see her as a window of opportunities when others disappoint for a moment.

Rosy beginning but all good thing comes to an end.
Trapped in prison, I use my get out of jail card,
Not for the first time!
She let emotions get the best of her,
She cries but I can't stay to watch her,
It's the wrong thing to do!
I've had my fulfilment for the moment.
I can only show concern from time to time,
Until it's that moment again, I let the devil get the best of me.

I've had my jar of heart.