Wednesday, 16 December 2015

The Girl In The Neighborhood.

And even though I know it's going to take you a lifetime to read this, 
I write this with the betterment of hope.
I see how you advance levels, 
I guess that's what comes with age.
Feels like a movie, watching how the next phase surfaces on different platforms.

From a regular kid in the neighbourhood,
To the girl he was always shy of taking to in the neighbourhood,
Who has also got your interest at heart.
More like your secret fan that has always wanted to see you and every other kid in the neighbourhood successful in all that we do.

Different cliques, 
Probably made it difficult to strike the perfect conversation back in Convent.
And I saw how saucy your friends were and like the saying, 
"show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are", 
Thought you were also saucy. 
Well you seem like you are with that piss off sign you have on your forehead.
Remember back in Convent, 
When one of the sisters punished literally the big guns in the school and said we should all pick stones from one point of the school to another point.
Seeing you carry those stones was sickening, when fantasy rolls in.

You're beautiful with all these make up you got on these days, 
But you're beyond beautiful when you have far less than what you have on your face these days.
Fully elope into that Wonder Woman you foresee yourself as,
Let nothing hold or slow you down.
As a Gemini, 
One of our biggest trait is our ability to be unpredictable.

See this coming from a man on a path to better things, 
Eloping into something more than a Clark Kent,
To a Wonder Woman you are becoming.

The girl in the neighbourhood.