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The Reply. (End Of T.P.R.A.N.)

And to the lady,
Who solely HAD the key to the chest of my beating heart, 
Like that of David Jones. 
I too am not sure about us but I know what's real. 
You revealed myself to myself, 
Showed me the idea of whom I want to spend forever with. 

I'm still a growing young man learning about life, 
I think I know enough about life but that's me lying to myself,
But one thing I know for certain is, 
Whatever is best for you never goes away. 
It could only go into hiding just to see how hard you'd search for it or maybe, 
try replacing it and, 
If it's best for you then your only option is to search hard for it. 
God knows what's best for us all.

Only a fool wouldn't put his faith in God. 
Having a relationship with God is the ultimate. 
I don't go by the terms Christianity or religion,
These days these words aren't what they ought to be. 
Personal observations has left a curious cat this way. 
I openly admit I'm a sinner, 
I'm human that makes vast mistakes and with realisation of my mistakes, 
Ask for His mercies and talk to Him about anything, 
Never try to be judgemental or drag my fellow humans name to the mud(unlike most Christians), 
Giving the outside world the wrong impression about Christianity.

I've learnt, 
You gotta let sleeping dogs be, 
It's not called giving up, 
I think it's called doing what's right. 
One doesn't simply get overly busy for no time for personal, 
Guess a lot of growing up is needed on her path.

Whatever it is you wanna build or fight, 
Best know I'm down for it. 
I've tried letting you know this, 
I throw the signs out there. 
You give me every reason to want to say Wale's Ambitious girl to you alone. 
You are the reason for Devante's wordsofdevante, 
You are the reason I do this.   
The reason I dropped alcohol,
Because it became an habit and it's unworthy to my Creator.  
Not many people have such influence on me. 
You are a blessing my life wants, 
A curse I'll gladly take in every heartbeat.
Shit don’t mean i’ll play dumb. 
Thanks for bettering a couple areas of my life. 

Read this with that captivating smile of yours,
That can turn my darkest days ever brighter, 
Yea, I do know how much you love me calling you that name.
Take me back to autumn 2014, best time of my life,
Everything looked right.
We couldn’t have fucked up the vision, could we now?
The dreams, The goals and achievements, The promises.
You have my thoughts going deeper anytime Wiz Khalifa’s promises is on.

          "Say baby, Imma wake up for you
           Imma have my way with your body
           And when I’m done touching you
           I bet you won’t wanna
          Give yourself to nobody
          Baby when the lights go out
          It’s like we’re the only ones
         And I already feel it now
         It’s like you’re the only one
        Only one who knows just how
        How to make the time stand still
        We’re caught in the moment.
        So don’t let me down
        You made those promises
        Don’t take em back now
       Don’t let me down
      Do all the things you said that had me going
     Let’s get caught in the moment
    Let’s get caught in the moment."

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