Saturday, 12 December 2015

The Mother Dearest.

With her advancement in technology,
She's able to call me via FaceTime.
She's just filled with Joy and refreshed,
As the sister just had a successful surgery.
The night before, she was miserable.

We spoke about you,
And she asked if I was still gonna make that trip to the Amazon.
I bluntly replied to what she needed to hear,
She knew something was up.
She scolds me and said I shouldn't be a mess like my father.
At least I'm his son, and he's one of my only 2 competitions momma,
I try to be better than the man he is.

You know it's never going down well when we talk about dad,
You turn the tables on me and it's mostly damned.
I hate when I get buried for this, but you think after all this I'm going to be picking sides against you.
I hate when your insecurities come to play momma,
It belittles you momma, know your worth ma,
I really hate talking to you like this ma,
I really don't want to talk about this momma,
Every time this issue comes up I gotta result to my dark ways to calm down momma.
I worry more anytime I see you worry ma.

You taught me how to love and told me it's the only way out for us as humans.
I give them love and meekness ma but they need something other than that,
What more they want from me ma?
Maybe I need unveiling my bad side so they know better not to act holy at thou and cast stones.
We are all sinners so there should be no casting of stones in this momma.

There's really no love in this ma,
Only a few I call family,
Well at least I'm calling ma.
I'm working on this ma,
Less time communicating makes my absence been felt more than ever.
I'm getting old and you're getting older momma,
We are both entering new stages of our lives as we are living.
I'm setting out my life but one day you're gonna understand momma.
Don't lose hope in me ma.
Don't lose hope in me momma.

I love you, 
The Mother Dearest.