Saturday, 19 December 2015

The Matrimony.

And then I was golden in the dark,
Glittering sparks of unforeseen forces,
Just beneath the sky.
The moon prides itself,
As it shines in all fullness,
The stars are gone to sleep.
Even nature has its bad side.

The heart beats, but to no melody.
All clattering noise in here.
I am void.
Can you play a melody to soothing it with all calmness?
Can you play that harp long enough not to let my demons have the best of me?
Can you fight alongside me on my quest in conquering the world?
Can you be all in all the Bonnie to my Clyde,
That I glide so low to praise you to the highest heavens?

For a moment,
Understand who I was, who I am and who I wanna be.
I have me, but often times I lose myself on a path where I try to see what you look like or who you are.
Anxiety in happiness, how does that turn out?

The matrimony,
I sure dunno what it feels like.
You scare me but I can't wait till that stage is attained,
And when attained, I'll be sure to make it a show that never ends.
Show me how to love,
Show me how to love again that I may exceed the love limit for you.
Put your faith in mine, least we both know we'd be faithful.

The day I find you, the ideal woman,
My lifetime is filled with unending happiness,
I know the heavens would open in all admirations.
I'm scared of forever,
I'm scared of whom I'll spend forever with.
Don't keep me waiting long enough cause I got plans for the matrimony.

And after taking pride in itself in the dark,
The moon then falls to the morning glory.
I shine ever brighter even in light,

Nature has found its true purpose.