Friday, 18 December 2015

The Lumière.

You say I'm just a mess,
I say baby I'm stressed.
You slowly hug up on me, and I feel the affection.
Oh, babe! I've missed you.
I can tell, she says.
I see how you've been acting lately,
I can see it in your eyes

You slowly give me the stare,
And I see the sun rise and set on your face.
Oh what an epitome.
You know I need a getaway,
You give me a ticket to your vacation,
And tell me to prepare for the adventures of wonderland.

I salute like attention,
We inter switch like opposite as we communicate orally.
You see I'm well spoken, and I see you drooling from beneath your beauty,
Then you glide slowly from my mountain top.

Stormy sails make good captains they say,
As I sail through your troubled waters.
Holding on, as I aim to make you rain on my ship.
Hoping not to let this ride capsize and overflow,
As I reach to let your water overflow.

I attain greater heights,
As the stormy sea falls to calmness, fugaciously.
Till then I'm captain of this ship,
As we relive all,