Friday, 11 December 2015

Sorry Dear Ex.

It's been a while,
It's been a while we had a heart to heart talk.
When did distance start affecting distance.
I must have lost my manners because I forgot to ask how you are?
I get selfish sometimes.
I get self oriented sometimes I forget self.
Have I really changed or I'm still that same old carefree being you once knew from way back?

Did my flirtatious ways make your insecurities insecure?
I wasn't doing it on purpose, and that's for certain.
I guess I'll shift the blame to my free spirited self.
Same old me, I never own up to my wrongs.
Maybe I didn't want to be the reason when things go wrong,
But was I wrong with all my doings?
You know I really hate when you cry,
But I adore our make up moments.
When we snuggle up on each other,
I kiss you sorry and you do the same.

Does your mom still mention my name every now and then?
Damn I love her and how she'd always check up on me,
Guess she really got it for the boy!
I can only look at her with words of appreciation from beneath the strands of my hair.
I really could get spoken in silence.

I see your tear drop,
With all smiles your face can hold.
And I know you'd probably kill for the boy,
I'll let your insecurities play my insecure,
Now I find myself playing the I miss you,
Game when really all I need is you.
This is me talking about the present whereas it's in the past.
This time I let my heart and thoughts run uncontrolled,
But find them coated in a collage of you.

That cute face,
Puppy eyes, lips I could probably kiss till a million years.
Or is it the breast that fits a handful,
Or that hour glass I count in 36-38 inches.
Who am I not to give in to that benign soul,
That speaks life to every part of me and Is always ready to hold it down?
Maybe I'm a sucker for this.
Maybe my realities gives in to my dreams these days.

I'm really really honored to know you and express those 3 words to you.
I really do have dreams of us there,
Fuck it, might just live the dream.
You wonder why I call you that but I'll let the mystery run a little while.
And to whom this poem is worthy of,
I've realized and accept my wrongs by saying;

Sorry, dear ex.