Sunday, 13 December 2015

The girl on drugs.

We all gotta admit it,
We are judgemental when it comes to the issue,
Girls and drugs.
The girls into drugs from smoking down to pills are mostly looked down on and regarded as having no future.
But who are we to say one has no future because of their actions or attitude towards things.
As a guy, the girls on drugs excite me but that's seldom.
I've met a handful of these girls but one stood out that changed my views about everything.

She read my eulogy about my mom and shed a tear,
This was after watching her booze on LSD and hit a couple kk's.
The eulogy is a reminder of her experiences,
A plummeted past she hopes that never surfaces in the future.
She's about to let me into her world.

She's one who loves love for the sake of love,
It's all she's used to and comes easy from within her being.
She's used to having fuck boys as her partners,
Her father can be likened to an eclipse,
And her mother is overly busy for her own person.

All these other females glam for the gram by their snap,
Forgetting they don't need any of those to show they're glamorous.
I noticed that, just know I did,
When no one thought to see the good in you,
I did think of it and I did tell you.
When no one was there to see the writing on the wall when something was wrong,
I saw it and was by your side before people started playing the blame game at you.
And when you lacked encouragement,
You know who was there for you.
But you got drowned in your own self,
I still kept on believing in the better things I  saw and still see in you.
Utterly different from your peers,
They call you dulling, I call you darling.
They didn't understand you maybe that's why they couldn't see beyond your poker face,
Recognising something was wrong.

Your views on life is crazily awesome,
You question everything, in search of knowledge and understanding.
You'd usually tell me nothing happens outta the blue,
Everything is ordained by The Most High.
You get deeper than life itself when we have the white paper,
I'm enlightened to everything when having our moment.

It was beautiful seeing you off Colorado close, Maitama,
Almost went to tears seeing how better my "gu gu" lives now.
Guess you finally copped on to your grown lady behaviour,
You finally listened to papa.
I see you a sensei.
If no one is there to listen to your teachings,
Be your own student and also master.
And as for me,
I'll always be here,
Watching your back for the betterment of my front view.

Hahahaha, I joke too much but that Ass though!