Monday, 14 December 2015

The Grey Sky.

What was and what is and what will be are moments controlled by a master of all, Time.
We are all slaves, slaves to this master and,
I'm just another slave, Controlled by time.
Created by the Most High cause we failed him before.
I know the world didn't become sphere-like shaped, it took something supreme for all these to come into existence.

Impossibilities are impossible,
But I know impossible exist only but in one way,
Taking time back or forward.
All that's left is now, and this now doesn't feel so good to say the least.
The veins in my eyes bleed,
As I can't create salty water no more,
To teary eyes of an ocean.
All that is left are moments of the time past,
Till I become the moments of the time past.

The grey sky,
Everything looks dull and revolting around here.
I'm fading as my conscience fades into memories of your existence.
You're beautiful,
Your beauty beautifies the smile on my face.
My home, my safe haven,
Always my source of peace and comfort.

A rose with thorns,
I heard you die and some part of my existence felt useless.
I'm alive but yet,
Feel dead in all emptiness of space.
All our conversations and moments made are memories locked in a chest of ever after.
Least I know when I come to that world,
We would have our happy ever after.

Sometimes, my thoughts are Plummeting,
And I tell myself the answer lies with death,
But that's me giving up on our promises.
I know you still live on, as you watch from the topmost heaven,
Hence I have a reason to look up and be hopeful for better days.
And like a new found thing,

I'll love you till the world ends Regina.