Thursday, 10 December 2015

The Bayelsa, My Country.

And it bothers me.
And it bothers me,
Why we let their knives pierce through our skin?
Why we let them reach a meeting point with our hearts.
They forcefully take us, they enslave us,
They make us live in the worst manner ever,
As long as that manner falls best for them.

But wait, is this really for the people? By the people and of the people?
Oh wait, wait!
I think I know what this means,
Democracy. "My bad",
Their crazy stupid acts of amassing all that's on their path in excess.
Their crazy stupid branded lies they tell us every four years,
They call it "Ambition" and "Promises".

They take it all and give us nothing,
They call it rich vs poor.
My fathers of the past, 
Didn't fight for "The Glory of all Lands" to be in a shambolic state it is now than it was back in their days.

I, a mortal being born of modern heritage,
In a region walked on by fathers of the past.
Who fought for a country with a coat of arms,
With an eagle that prides itself the strength of a nation,
Bestowed with dignity from two horses representing the personification of an individual.
It's only right we walk on fertile soils walked on by heroes of the past,
They were the revelation of the truth.
With sayings of unity and faith, peace and progress flusters an individual like myself,
If my Great Bayelsa and Country,
Worthy of patriotism from its people is really united in peace and making progress by faith.

One thing for sure, two things for certain,
Heroes of the past gon cringe in agony,
Our disappointment gon speak the loudest  in their world.
I write this to let Major Isaac Boro know his good fight for his people wasn't in vein,
You laid a very solid foundation for we the Ijaws,
A true inspiration for your people.
Ain't no letting you down sir,
Be proud wherever you are and best believe we would get to the promise land.

My grandmother always used to tell me,
You must change your environment and surrounding before trying to change anything else.