Thursday, 31 December 2015

Last Summer.

It's amazing when I travel down memory lane to this time,
I'm amazed at how things have actually changed.
What a time that was.

A new stage in my life,
I've got a chance to get something in control,
Carve out something I call mine.
But first need to learn my surroundings.

Last summer, I heard of your dads death,
And a plus to my misplaced count of life and death, starred me into my soul.
I watched you tell tales about your dad,
A super hero in your eyes, you spoke proudly of him.
I likened your dad to mine, a bitch move and one I'm not proud of,
There's no life better than yours so I gotta love mine,
But I can hardly careless if I hear about his death.
How can I love mine when mine hasn't even loved me?

And I actually realized that the girl of my dreams wasn't far off from my reality,
It was a make believe and still is.
A moment I find myself chasing waterfalls,
Hoping I don't lay to rest in its bed.
I was probably falling in, the very same time you were falling out of love.
I can't phantom if my brain is just a window to my mindful thoughts,
Or you been the antidote to my insane self.
One thing that's for certain is the fact that I'm bored of thinking and writing poems about you,
Guess I've finally gotten over you.
Selfish love.
Just watch and see what you've missed with one of the realest alive.

The Gem in I can't be tamed unless it decides to,
And these days my old self looks resurrected,
But my priorities keeps me prioritized.
I just hope when you read this in 2016,
You don't take it personal and best know you ain't worth the headache no more.

Times change and people do,
But the events of last summer wouldn't and will always be the last summer I buried myself to rest but started taking that breathe of victory.
Yea, last summer.

                                                                        - Devante.