Tuesday, 15 December 2015

The Kk.

Anticipated like your next breath,
I really tell myself I'm good enough,
But never see my words manifest in reality.
My writing fingers turn to clicking fingers,
From the views of the viewers,
Hoping for the views in play like the Review.

With all these thoughts I break lose,
From the cell, membrane,
Ain't remember anyone trying to do this,
To prove a point or be utterly different.

How I think of all these?
How I act calm whereas my mind is like the current news,
Clattering with bloodshed, ignorance, power, hate.
The average human mind can't soak it all,
You need to be apart,
I guess that's why they've Albert Einstein's brain.
He was apart from the rest, a very deep critical thinker.

My mind and soul elevates when I'm with you,
I feel resourceful having you.
I'm somewhere in the clouds,
Floating to an unknown place.
You bring a gathering of brethren in peace and harmony,
Letting me know life is peaceful if everyone offers love so hate is eradicated.

Many see you as ugly,
I see you as insanely beautiful.
Perfection in God's eyes.
I love and want you,
I'm never addicted to you.
I find myself turning my back on you whenever you try getting too attached.
You're never jealous when I'm with other people and I'm never jealous when you're with other people.

Calm and collected but you always red hot,
I like you better when you're covered in gold,
Makes for a golden feeling.
You're God's gift to man.
People call you by different names,

I rather call you The Kk.