Tuesday, 23 June 2015


And you might think it's your beauty that keeps me attracted to you,
Or your eyes or your smile that does.
But only your,
Simplicity! does,
Keep me attracted to you.
It's cheap but can't be bought,
I feel alive with it.

It's funny how your wants,
Are basic things of your childhood,
And me.
Most times I know you don't be meaning it,
And it somewhat breaks me.

Lately we've gone from strange to strangers,
And as much as the pieces of my heart misses you, my body and thoughts are not in accordance with it.
I feel I'll meet you on a path beyond far and near in the future.
Live the dreams we've both dreamt.
Refine beauty to you in 7 billion years,
So I know no one else will.

Never question my heart,
My love, towards you.
It was yours to have.
I don't wanna make forever, forever for you.
My future is futuristic,
My plans are heuristic.

I'll just live with the fact that you're just,
A moment that happened.
Move on from the closed chapter of the bragerian.
It's all in the past now, 
I feel evergreen after this.

Thanks for helping me create myself.