Tuesday, 9 June 2015

His Story.

It was all smiles on my face,
As I saw a good friend I hadn't seen in about six years.
Hugs, smiles, greetings,
We shared in a short time.
We had the catch up session,
You know! To cover up for lost time.
I watched as my aunt came down the stairs,
Although forgotten me.

Thoughts refreshed,
She smiles and opens her hands wide in embracement.
I could tell she did a comparison of the old me to the new from the way she spoke.
She's pleased with what she sees.

Got introduced to a few beings,
They spoke to me like I was their own,
I could feel comfortable with them.
We Converse like the All Stars,
And he spoke.

He has to be amongst the smartest persons I've ever met.
With so much pain he told his hapless tale.
I saw a man who was on his way up,
And suddenly, as though engulfed in flames the ladder he was on,
His world came down like fallen ashes.
I could see his soul,
Filled with pain and anger.
He's on bended knees.

A fallen angel awaits him,
Desperate to come back on his feet,
Learn to fly in the sky.
He spoke words of wisdom like;
"A family can make or break you".
I could concord with what he said.
Lectured me on his learnings,
I marvelled so much at his intellect.

He hopes for better days.

As he told his story.