Tuesday, 2 June 2015


I smiled as I watched her FaceTime call came in.
It only meant I was gonna play the role of a suspect,
As her questions were interrogatory.
She's mind fucked.

It follows with what are we?
Cause lately she's been trying to read meanings,
To everything I do or say,
And that shit be bad for you.
It could fuck with you mentally.

I can't help but admire her still though,
Her eyes, her lips and smile.
These are mine, 
Sorry WAS mine. 
I hope you regret that decision you made that summer.
I bluntly adhered to it,
Only cause I wanted you to see my true value and worth,
Which eventually you did but,
Was such a grown lady,
You didn't wanna give in on your wrongs 
When you fully know you can't change what's at heart. 

And when you say I'm in love with 10 females,
I always ridicule that statement.
Whilst thinking about it days ago,
I could see how true it is to an extent,
But still exaggerated.

Of course I won't play the role of an Angel,
I also admit my short comings,
I'm truly sorry about them.

Picture how far we'd have grown with each other.
Lol! I know you've got that smile on,
That says "I'm gonna kill you" as you read this.

It's best I let this be the tacenda.