Monday, 29 June 2015

One Man.

One man can’t change the world.
Read the first line carefully and don’t give me that stanky look.
You know the reverse sounds cliché.

Now let’s be logical here,
One being can’t change the minds and thoughts of well over 7 billion people.
It’s sucidal.
He wouldn’t change half the world.

For good to prevail,
Evil has to be around,
And when good does prevail,
It doesn’t engulf all in its path.
After all, we got wolves in sheep clothing.

Jesus Christ came for the salvation of all mankind,
But not all were saved during His time on earth.
Now the purest of all men who walked the earth couldn’t save all,
He saved as much as he could and imposed His gospel be spread all across the world,
Still not all is saved by His name.

We should try and change as much minds as we can for the betterment of our existence.
My greatest wish,
Changing the lives of a hundred men.
Nothing would be triller than this.
I’d feel successful over life,
knowing this is just a trial everyone goes through.

Because Who’s the Judge?
The Judge is God.
And why is He God?
He determines who wins or loses, not my opponent. 
Who’s your opponent?
He doesn’t exist.
Why doesn’t he exist?
He’s a mere descending voice to the truth that I speak.


One man can’t change the world.