Friday, 26 June 2015

Mad Generation.

I lit something on a boulevard road,
Sometime in the dark,
Where the light falls.
A day I let my thoughts run free from imaginations,
It's a golden feeling.

I'm gold when tranquility surrounds me,
Shit is priceless and I mean it.
The new rave and bub of my generation ain't getting to me like the flu.
Living the lavish and overhyped lifestyle,
Forgetting the basics of our existence as human beings that,
Wealth isn't just paper you give out to amass things but,
Wealth is the helping hand given out for the uplifting of a fellow being.

Mad generation,
All moral values are lost,
All sorts of immortality acquired.

I keep myself to myself hoping I don't get infected by this disease.
I've lost some moral values myself,
But not all of it.
I still can draw the line between sanity and crazy,
Hype and happiness,
Freedom and been tied down by thrills of society.

Mad generation,
They do it all for society for,
6, 10, 15 seconds of fame.
The devil in disguise,
Appealing to embrace this,

Mad generation.