Monday, 15 June 2015


Diamonds they say are forever 
But isn't that what you're supposed to be,
Live forever?
Well in my eyes though.

My first true love,
You treasured me,
Even before my existence.
You thought me my first rhyme,
Before I knew what rhyming was.
Our Sunday tales by moonlight 
Really was Sunday's tale by moonlight.
You loved me in a unique way,
The rest of the family couldn't understand.
Our bond was fiercer than that of James.

Only you called me that,
You earned the right to call me by that name,
Lord knows I miss the way you call me.

Every now and then,
I feel you around me.
I dunno why it's so, 
Maybe it's cause I lay where you once laid,
That I relive every dark tear that soaked on pillows I lay now.

You foresaw all the negatives about me,
Like the girl you warned me about whom she later made him play my role.
I can't forget how you always told me to chase whatever I believe in,
Telling each time I'll be great,
And change my roots and surroundings whenever it needs changing.

You kept that hunger in me, 
Even before hunger got to me.
You gave me all of you
And like Oliver Twist, I wanted more.

A true warrior,
My angel in the sky.
Heaven is definitely a place I'll rock with you.
I love you till infinity.