Friday, 12 June 2015

The Box.

Way before existence existed,
Your being have I conceived, 
In my thoughts
As anxiety Impels my feelings in exploring her fantasy world.

She yells stop, 
Don't crush my box.
I whisper I'm not crushing, 
I just wanna feel how deep it runs, 
Your box I mean.

She says her box is the secrecy of an oath,
And only the right person deemed perfect would be able to feel her soul, 
Once its opened.
I then replied with a deep sigh and a heartache, what can I do to prove you right, 
I could swear with my life. 
She replied swear by none, 
Because your life is what I want till eternity.

An awkward silence roamed through the room as I tried stomaching what's been said.
Then I grabbed her more swiftly, 
Kissed her passionately and said, 
Let me be the reason you'd have no reason to break the secrecy of, 

The box.