Saturday, 20 June 2015

Happy Birthday To Me.

Seeing how far I've come,
I've got to say thank you Mom.
From being the thing you hoped for,
Now being the thing I hope for.
This is me saying a happy birthday to me,
And a multitude Thanks, to you mom.

You are my saving grace,
You both,
I can't imagine where I'd be without you both.
At age 22 I still cry to you,
Well I did the other day on the phone,
How I called you randomly and told you about how much I've missed and still miss Grandma,
And you understood each tear.

It's my birthday today,
As I transit into that Jordan age.
And even though the spot light shines on me today,
I also take this time to appreciate you, 
Make my spot light yours.
And even if there's no one there to glamour at your spot light,
I'd be your exceeding crowd to wonder on your wonders.
As a gentleman you've raised,
You've always told me how a king should let his queen have the spot light.

Your number one button I push,
Anytime I bring up matters concerning my dad.
See mom I don't do this on purpose,
Sometimes I get carried away with how you've played the father and mother role, good enough.
And I hate how we have meaningless fights about it, shit is demeaning, I swear mom.

And I'll admit it mom, a beautiful face led me to church,
But a beautiful soul took me in to seek the Face of The Lord.
It's crazy how you've always wanted me to find such, 
Some parental goals. 

Thank you Mom,
For giving me my first gift on this day,
Well over two decades ago.
This is me saying a happy birthday to me,
And a multitude Thanks, to you mom.
I love you both till forever.