Sunday, 19 July 2015

Simple Made It Hard.

The simple things I know are the most valued,
But quite the hardest.
The simple problems, 
You overcome them but struggle less and learn less.

The simple being, 
Appears cool to the world but called stupid behind his back.
The simple smile has frowned the most.
The simple mistakes are only simple, 
But quite the hardest to overcome.
The simple tear is always the best and comforting. 

The simple love given is often taken for granted and eventually, 
Becomes hard to receive.
Making it hard for you to love love in appreciation.
The simple moments are always the hardest to let go off.
The simple dreams are sure the best but hardest to forget,
Leading to ending thoughts about it.

The truthful man trying to lead everyone,
To the right path and redemption of their souls, 
Is called crazy,
The other is called,

And my simplicity was all i offered because you felt really comfortable
With it. Who knew that simplicity would make it hard for you to give back
What I gave you.
I guess my love is selfish but still caring,