Sunday, 5 July 2015


Let me paint you a picture from my soul.
Tick tok, tick tok,
It's few minutes to your birthday,
Oh how I've longed for this day.
Daddy, daddy,
How I've always wished to say that,
I still do but without the passion.

Omitted from the scripts,
It was supposed to be all smiles and celebrations,
But just said as mere words like,
I love you.
Now I'm not mad at you Dad but,
If anything happens to you, I'll show no emotion.
I've always wished to smile at the happy moments with you,
And attack the darkest hours with you.
At least the things father and son do.
But all hopes deferred the minute you walked away.
I embrace peace and choose not to hold on to anger.

In as much as I wish for you and mom to get back together,
I'm glad you both are apart, It's perfect this way. 
Except, mom needs to wash away the scars on her heart of wounds,
that digs to deepest layer of it.

The sister is a broken art, yet she functions to all her functionalities.
Yes I like bittersweet, 
But there’s nothing sweet about been bitter,
Apart being a raconteur. 

See this as words I never told you on your birthday,
I guess it was unscripted now Dad.