Tuesday, 14 July 2015

My reflection.

1 + 1 = 1.
You are me,
And I am you.
We reflect one another,
My perfect perfection.
We work in accordance,
No differences.

My reflection your reflection.
I am all you see and you are all I see.
My strength, your strength,
Your weakness, my weakness.
My sunrise, your sunrise,
My sunset, your sunset.
Your beauty, my beauty,
My ugly, your ugly.

My laughter, your laughter,
Your pain my pain.
My health, your health,
Your disease, my disease.
Your admiration, my admiration,
My loathsome, your loathsome.
My half, your half,
Your whole, my whole.

My yes, your yes,
Your no, my no.
You are all I need
And I am all you need.
You fall I fall,
I win, you win.
You ride I ride,
I die, well you know...

My future, your future,
Your burial, my burial.
You represent me and I represent you.

My reflection.