Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Her Type.

Can I save you from you?
The first line I heard on one of my favourite songs,
sunk deep in my brain.

Oh a familiar story!
Yea, about myself.
Her type!
Continuing to show me a dazzling "thing" I can "Lambanó".

I remember her certain type, 
I had that showed it to me. 
Thought it was magic and would go on with the sands of time.
But the show was over the next second it began.
Promises broken!
Mistakes made,
Lessons learnt.

Now that type has resurfaced,
Caught between two paths, 
Should I stay?
Should I hold her to experiences of my past?
She looks like she'd be worth it.

I hold her to promises made,
To create the future.
I lay it all to you, 
let me save you.
And if I fall out, 
I know I did fall 

Her type.