Friday, 31 July 2015


See every time we went out,
Everyone noticed you and kept me at bay,
Like I wasn't there.
I hate when it happens.
I know you're well known across these lands 
And I'm just a foreigner,
On Strangers tide.
Often time, I'll play the buster girl,
Doing the who is?
Call me crazy,
Call me jealous,
I call me greedy,
But all I wanted was,
The strings of our heartbeat in perfect accordance,
To an unheard melody.

All of you,
And all that was in your heart was my desire,
Felt like it was too much to ask.
I know I had gone astray,
And I needed a second chance.
Who doesn’t?
It looked hard, everything was against me,
Even my own shadow was.

The face I thought that shinned brightest,
Couldn't create a spark during my dark times. 
Guess I figured why I was mostly kept at bay,
Just a little too late.
We were untitled.