Monday, 18 May 2015

A Fire Love.

I heard the other day that you are married,
To someone old enough to be your father figure.
What a disgraceful figure.
The last time I saw you,
You were helpless,
And I had two choices to make.
Either I let you be and eventually come to a gathering where everyone is dressed in black,
Or maybe I could tease you about it after helping your helpless self.
I chose this,
I don't want an angel to cause the gathering of individuals in black.
I saw as the doctor punctured needles to your skin as you laid on the hospital bed.
Still in pain, I feared the worst could happen to the girl next door.
I prayed to God that night from where I was standing to save you and ease off the pain you felt.
I guess the most answered prayers are the ones  prayed in the darkest hours.
You looked at me,
You saw a scared man and I saw a dying angel,
Faced with her last moments.
I saw that burning passion in your eyes,
As I thought it could be the last time I'll see such from the girl next door.
Definitely a fire love,
As I gave you a last kiss that became our last kiss before leaving you in the early hours of that morning.
Your sister called me later that day and I was already crying as I thought the worst had happened.
She knew I was crying,
As it was the first time I showed her my weakness.
She then spoke words of positivity,
I got excited and rushed to the hospital as fast as the wheels of my car could get me.
Approaching your bed, I saw a father figure,
As we got introduced only for you to say he's your husband.
You saw the pain and fire in my eyes as my face had the expression of love.
Disappointed but I couldn't do anything about it, It'd be Grotesque.
It'll always be that tale of fire and gasoline,
Never ending.
A Fire Love.