Monday, 11 May 2015

Bed peace.

You play the rhythm of my heartbeat.
I listen as you play a fine tune.
Oh, what a melody.
Play on, play on.

Play to soothing and calm your soul.
Play till your fingers are sore and weak,
Compared next to it, a snail one hundred times stronger.

I need you,
I need you to taste my love,
I need you to listen to my heart beat.
I need you.

I need you to make my heart your home.
I need you to feel and caress my soul.
I need to get naked with you,
Get lost with you in infinity.
As I lay on my bed,
My comfort inn,
My bed peace.

You slowly crawl up on me,
And like a sensational feeling,
I'll let it go on

Till the kiss of our souls.