Saturday, 30 May 2015

Poetry In Motion.

Poetry in motion,
Fierce from my thoughts that are evil,
As dark as the colour of my skin.
My mind softens, my body weakens.
I know this,
This is the end.

These few seconds are precious,
I've never lived this moment before.
Like the golden age, it's fascinating,
Yet terrifying!
I transgress past love ones,
As my soul sails out,
As though it's the epiphany.
My heart's heavy for the last time.
I see emotions,
Tears are temporary but not permanent to water the sands of time.

My time expires,
Attention paid to the sand time.
The last grain falls as I draw my last breath,
Surely in peace as I rest,
And prepare for the next world.

It's really beautiful here.
Brighter than my sins,
Tranquil like my thoughts in the dark.
Heavens gate awaits me,
As I await His Presence.

This is the end.