Monday, 4 May 2015


The smile on my face,
When you call my name a certain way.
I can't help but salvage it,
I mean who wouldn't though?

That saving grace voice of yours.
Your voice literally is my passage away from the world,
And whenever I'm having a bad day, 
It's all of you I need to get me through whatever it may be.

Worlds apart,
Miles separated,
Coast to coast 
But an inch closest when I feel my heartbeat,
At least that's what you are to me.

I pray it's not far fetched.
I see you want me to be the man I want myself to be.
Some would see it as a long shot,
But you've made it easy that I treasure it now,
For it's true meaning, for what it represents.

Now that I've got you, 
I'll do a Benjamin Franklin on you, 
keep my eyes open only for you.

I found inner peace when I found you.
My saving grace,