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Thoughtful Thought Walk, With My Friend.

I’m going to see my friend.
Words I said back home,
Whilst “my friend” was with me.
Words I shouldn't have said.

A hundred meter away from home,
I brought out my friend.
Caught in a fight between air and fire,
Which lit him up to fallen ashes.
I  watched as my lungs drew out air off my burning friend,
And started displaying  tricks to relax my brain.
It’s only the beginning.

Paranoia feeling!
As every sound felt like though they were 100 men chasing me,
But a minus of the exact same in reality.
As words of music roamed my ear drums with thoughts sinking in,
I could only feel happy with my mischievous acts, 
Despicable me.

A projection of what is and will be,
I can on feel hyped about it.
Excited about the future but fearful of the present,
Cause my past has been caressed by nightmares,
With dreams hopefully to be conceived.

Imagine I could video my thoughts whenever I'm intoxicated, he said.
I'd scale the scaled.
My dear thoughts,
What would be the use of me if I didn't have you?
What a soulless soul I'd have become, 
What a dying being I'll be.
Oh my thoughts,
What a thoughtful thought walk with my friend.
All these he told me,
As I journeyed with him, 
On that,

Thoughtful thought walk with my friend.

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