Saturday, 10 October 2015


We live in a world today,
Where €£$¥ controls things.
Where we are controlled by €£$¥.
Where the order of our day is €£$¥.

A world where we've all lost our moral values one way or the other.
A world we deny ourselves the essence of life,
And make €£$¥ the essence of our life.
Today, €£$¥ makes each and everyone of us be hedonist, 

We sit on that pathfinder hoping it'd be our path finder.
My generation looms doom for my kind,
They all know €£$¥.
Live their lives for €£$¥,
Die for €£$¥,
They're are all controlled by €£$¥.
More like the author and finisher of their (shh)…

Now don't get me wrong, 
I know €£$¥ is essential for our day to day NEEDS,
But not in overdose like its amassed to satisfy our undying want for €£$¥.
And just as you're about saying "he don't got no €£$¥”, 

Bear in mind I got a couple €£$¥ enough for two of you in one lifetime.